Weather Overview

The Gold Coast is blessed with a climate that is enjoyable all year round. It can be described as a sub-tropical type climate being somewhat humid in summer with gloriously mild winters. The temperature range in summer is normally an average high of around 28o C with average low temperatures around 20o C. The record High for the Gold Coast is 40.5o C and the record low is 2.5o C. Lightweight clothing is comfortable most year round with a light jacket or jumper for cooler nights.

The summer months of December to February normally bring the highest rainfall however this normally takes the form of afternoon storms which dump their rainfall on passing through leaving a freshness that is added to by the return of our famous sunshine. The passing through of these storms is often a welcome event as the accompanying lightning and thunder can provide much entertainment as they roll in from the Hinterland and say their "Hello" to the Gold Coast on their way out across the sea and Pacific Ocean. Hail storm warnings however should always be heeded although they last for short periods.
The Autumn, Winter and Spring months of March through November are pure delight on the Gold Coast being sunny, warm and dry. Even in Winter the water temperatures are suitable for swimming. It is the delightfully pleasant  climate of March through November that has helped make the Gold Coast internationally famous.
Cyclones or Cyclone activity is rare on the Gold Coast although the presence of Cyclones further north can lead to large swells and beach closures but this is more a once every 5 – 10 year event occurring in the months of January or February.
If heading to the beach you can check out the surf report here.
Regardless of the days weather or even if you have simply had enough of our beaches and sunshine there are always things to do on the Gold Coast to make your day simply fabulous.
Remember though that sunscreen is usually always a must on the Gold Coast, as well as a Hat and Sunglasses for Eye Protection. We call this "Slip, Slap, Slop" - Slip on a shirt, Slap on a hat, and Slop on some sun screen. Insect repellent is also handy especially around sunset and early evenings in summer.