Hinterland and Mount Tamborine

Explore Nature's Beauty in Australia

The Gold Coast hinterland comprises the Tweed Range, Nimmel Range, Tamborine Mountain, Numinbah Valley, eastern parts of the McPherson Range and western parts of suburban Gold Coast. It is less than a 30 minute drive from most parts of the Gold Coast and is a highly recommended region during any visit to the Gold Coast.

There are various scenic attractions and accommodation alternatives including guesthouses that have resulted in a vibrant tourism industry, providing a major attraction for visitors to the Gold Coast and people living in the region. The area is now recognised as one of Queensland's most significant tourist destinations. Visitors are drawn to the region by the excellent wine tasting, bird-feeding, eco-tourism and bushwalking activities that dominate the area. Other pursuits include hiking, horse riding, hot air ballooning, 4WD tours, hang gliding and abseiling. Visitors can also spend hours browsing handmade art and crafts, perusing market stalls, or just admiring the natural scenery. With this in mind quite often the type of accommodation chosen is a factor of what visitors have come to the area for. However the region is easily accessible for day trips.

The region has significant natural heritage that is preserved in national parks that are now UNESCO World Heritage listed as well as listed nationally as part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia.
Springbrook National Park
Springbrook National Park covers 2720 hectares of rainforest, plenty of which is accessible by walking trails. Remnants of early forestry history, several waterfalls, including the famous Purlingbrook Falls, gorges and rainforest lie waiting to be seen and enjoyed by visitors to the region. One of the major attractions here is Natural Bridge.
Lamington National Park
Lamington National Park covers 20,590 hectares of rainforest, consisting of two sections, the Green Mountains and another popular attraction in the Hinterland, ‘Binna Burra’.  In the Green Mountain section of Lamington National Park, is a walk that includes nine suspension bridges up to 15m off the ground in the rainforest canopy. The longest available walk is 24 kilometres, about 8 hours walking time.
Hinterland Great Walk
In March 2008, the Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk connecting the Lamington and Springbrook plateaus via the scenic Numinbah Valley was opened. The moderately difficult walking trail provides 54 km of uninterrupted track and takes three days to walk from start to finish. It is recommended that you walk west to east, setting out along the Border Track at O'Reilly's (in the Green Mountain section of Lamington National Park) and ending at The Settlement campground in Springbrook National Park. There are Bed & Breakfasts and guesthouses in the area. The best time to take the Great Walk is between March and October.
Tamborine National Park
Tamborine National Park covers 1160 hectares of the Tamborine Mountain, a remnant of the once giant Tweed Volcano. Here you will find the ever popular Gallery Walk. Mount Tamborine is a popular base from which to explore the best of the region while remaining in close proximity to shops and restaurants. Tamborine Mountain tracks are ideal for family outings, and feature more natural attractions than possibly any other tracks. There are 12 walking tracks, but none of them extend much more than 3km and most are suitable for those who like an easy stroll as the tracks are well maintained. For birdwatchers Tamborine probably has the best offerings of all the rainforest and open country tracks around the Gold Coast. Tambourine Mountain is where visitors can also enjoy a 300m-long elevated walkway which allows you to explore the middle and upper reaches of the rainforest canopy. There is a 40m span hovering 30m above the valley below, providing awesome views.
Celebrity Lifestyle
On the eastern slopes of the Hinterland is where you will find a "Hollywood Hills" style of living. Here are some of the biggest mansions on the Gold Coast that stand sprawling on magnificent residential acreages. Hidden amongst the trees and environment, they enjoy spectacular views of the Gold Coast and Pacific Ocean. This idealic place to live has even attracted the attention of celebrities who seek an unsurpassed climate, privacy and lifestyle hidden from view but still able to enjoy the spectacular vistas and all that the Gold Coast has to offer. The actor Hugh Jackman has recently purchased a property in the Gold Coast Hinterland as a retreat for his time in Australia.